Brightening Up The Holidays!

If you’ve ever tangoed a tangle of Christmas lights, or wrathfully wrangled a wreath, you know that holiday decorating can take the merry out of Christmas. Christmas Décor of Northern Virginia, a professional holiday decorating company, is ready to help you remain sane for the Santa season! Christmas Décor’s professional Christmas lighting services include expert design, all lights and materials, full-service installation, responsive maintenance and timely removal. Annul the annual holiday hassle, and watch us turn bright the winter night.

Home Christmas Decorating Services

As the premier holiday decorating and professional Christmas light installation company in North America, we provide you with captivating displays and exceptional service that are truly second to none. It is becoming more difficult to find the time and energy to decorate your property and still have time to enjoy the holidays.

  • Design
  • Installation
  • Service
  • Take Down
  • Storage

Please call us at 703-382-3752 to discuss your home.

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