Commercial Holiday Décor in Sterling, VA

Here at Manor Works, most of our holiday light decorations have been for homeowners. We have also begun completing Christmas displays for commercial buildings, however, such as this government building in Sterling, Virginia.

For this large building with a grand entrance, the occupants wanted daytime décor. This type of holiday display is not lit, but provides a pleasant and attractive look during daylight hours. The front of the building boasts four large stone columns, topped by a pediment. To really make a visual impact on a surface of this scale, we needed to make some unique arrangements.

First, we ordered an enormous Christmas wreath, 8 feet in diameter, with a correspondingly grand bow (4 feet across!). This was hung from a cable between the two central columns, so that it has the appearance of floating high off the ground.

The next step was to hang a massive garland. With an 18-inch circumference, the garland made an impressive drapery as we hung it in a swag pattern along the tops of the pillars. Finally, we placed a 24-inch red bow high up on the center of each column.

When we were finished, the overall effect was stunning. The display can be seen from at least a quarter-mile, as you drive through Sterling westbound on VA Route 7.

For stores and other commercial buildings, a holiday display is a great investment. Whether you use a lighted display or daytime décor, the cost is low in comparison with the visual impact it creates. Contact Manor Works for an estimate and consultation regarding commercial holiday light displays in Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C.

Holiday Lighting Installation on Townhouse in Occoquan, Virginia

When it comes to holiday lighting installation, every home can be unique. No house showed this more clearly than one of our projects in Occoquon, Virginia. This townhouse, while stylish and pleasant, is very similar to those on each side, and has almost no yard to work with. Additionally, it is a middle unit, so there was only one side where we could apply Christmas décor. Nevertheless, by the time we were finished installing the Christmas lights and decorations, the house looked classy and unique.

Because of the small scope of this project, the lighting installation was fairly simple and inexpensive. We aimed for a clean, classic look, and did most of the work with the warm-white, C9 oversized LED bulbs. We began by creating an outline, running a string of lights up the vertical corner fascia, along the top edge of the house, and then back down the other side. The outline was finished by adding a row of stake lights along the front bay of the house, balancing the look.

One of the pleasant features of the home that gave us a good place for detailed work was the bay windows, which protrude from the front of the house. We also outlined these in warm white. The Christmas light installation was finished off with the wrapping of several small trees and shrubs in the front yard.

This three-story townhouse still needed a touch of color, and some non-square features. This need was filled by adding lit wreaths to each story. The upper level had a 48-inch wreath centered in the middle, and the second floor had two 36-inch wreaths, centered between the windows. The ground floor had a lit wreath hung on the door, and a beautiful lit garland with ribbons wrapped around the posts of the portico.

When we had finished our work, the homeowner added a final touch with one lit candle in each of the front-facing windows. Now, this simple and inexpensive display was the centerpiece and highlight of the whole row!

Christmas Décor by Manor Works provides full-service Christmas light installations in Northern Virginia and the Washington, D.C. area. We offer several holiday lighting packages, or we can create a custom plan for your home. Take the hassle out of holiday lighting with Manor Works.

Christmas Light Installation in Purcellville, VA

Every holiday light installation is unique and creative, with infinite room for variety. When we installed Christmas lights for the Clarke family in Purcellville, Virginia, we were able to provide some standard, classic items with a spectacular and unique addition.

We began the project by outlining the gables, eaves and fascia with C9 LED Christmas lights, which use less power than incandescent bulbs. We used warm white, which gives a clean, classic appearance. We also used these same bulbs along the front porch gutter, to balance the rest of the home.

Once the house lights were completed, we hung a large lit wreath on each of the three gable ends. All of the wreaths are augmented with a large red bow. Mirroring the holiday greenery from the gables, we strung lit garland around the front entryway of the home.

Now finished with the structure of the house itself, we turned to the hedge and trees out front. We used the same C9 lights to do canopy stringing along the front hedge. This technique places lights all around the ends of the branches, so that the overall shape of the bush is highlighted in three dimensions.

The finishing touch on this Christmas light installation was on the massive oak trees in the front yard. At over 80 feet tall, these trees would be very expensive to string with lights. What we did instead was to use a galaxy light, which produces a similar look at a fraction of the cost. This device looks like a large flashlight, mounted on a stick, but it is much more complex than that! A galaxy light has many tiny laser pointers inside, which are directed through a refractive prism. This disperses the light so that the tree above is suddenly appears to be lit by thousands of tiny bulbs. In this case, we used a green light, and the results were amazing!

For creative, professional, beautiful holiday light installation, contact Manor Works Christmas Décor. We serve northern Virginia, including Purcellville, Sterling and Silver Springs, as well as suburban Maryland and the Washington, D.C. region.

Decorative Light Installation in Round Hill, VA

Decorating a unique home in Round Hill, VA, we had many interesting features to work with as we installed Christmas lights. This older farm house has a classic look to it, with a wraparound porch. Because it is visible from three sides, the homeowner decided to decorate everything except the backside. In contrast, most homeowners elect to decorate only the front for the holidays.

Using our standard warm-white C9 LED bulbs, we began by outlining the eaves and gutters on the house and the porch. Next, we placed a lighted wreath on the front eave, and accented the surrounding flower beds with stake lighting.
Where a Christmas light display can really get unique and spectacular is in the surrounding shrubs and trees. This farmhouse features 5 sets of lilac bushes, each about 6 feet tall. The typical choice would be to use canopy lights, which drape over the exterior form of the bush like a net, highlighting the overall shape of the shrubbery. This family chose instead to do a trunk-and-branch-wrap design, coiling a string of lights from the base to the tip of each branch. This emphasizes the interior structure of the tree, and uses far more lights (about 600 per tree).

To top the project off, a line of 7 fruit trees was also decorated with the branch-wrapping method. To limit the cost, the trees were wrapped from the ground up to about 5 feet, providing a beautiful, stately addition. When decorating trees in this manner, professional Christmas light installers generally budget about $100 per foot of height.

Christmas Décor by Manor Works provides spectacular light display packages for homeowners in northern Virginia, suburban Maryland and the Washington, D.C. area.

Installing Christmas Lights in Falls Church, VA

Installing Christmas lights on this Tudor-style house in Falls Church, VA was a real treat. A very tall, stately dwelling, the Ojakali home has many elegant architectural details and features.

We began this project with a standard line of C9 LED bulbs in warm white, strung along the eaves and gables to outline the front edges of the roof. We placed lit wreaths in the gable ends, creating some nice focal points. Along the path from the driveway to the front door, we used stake lighting to create a classy walkway. The stake lights also outlined the perimeter of the beds where the shrubbery grows to the right and left of the entry door.

The most unique and attention-grabbing feature of the Ojakali home is the array of windows on the front of the house. We outlined each window with LED mini-lights, using small clips to hold them in place without damaging the house. When all 27 windows were outlined and it got dark the first night, the effect was tremendous! With Christmas lights stylishly outlining all the details and features of this ornate home, it was evocative of a fairy-tale gingerbread house!

Manor Works’ Christmas Décor division can work with you to craft the perfect Christmas light display to compliment the structure and features of your home. Our holiday-light display packages are the perfect way to make your home a Christmas showpiece, without all the hassle and headache of installing them yourself. We don’t just install your lights; we also maintain and take down every display we assemble.

Commercial Christmas Light Installation, Ashburn VA

When it comes to installing a holiday light display on a commercial property, it is important to create a simple, classy look that draws attention to the structures without being too busy. That is exactly what we did when we crafted the Christmas light display on the gatehouse of the Potomac Green community in Ashburn, VA.

Like many other planned communities designed for those 55 and up, Potomac Green has a clean, upscale, warm feeling. We were hired to decorate the gatehouse, a simple structure where residents and visitors check in when they enter the gated community.

In order to create a visually striking design on a fairly plain building, we went beyond the typical outline installation. Using warm-white C9 LED bulbs, we began by stringing lights along the roofline, tracing the gutter, gable ends and eaves. Augmenting this standard design, we then installed lights along the actual pitch of the roof and along the peak, making the structure really stand out.

This clean, attractive design was topped off by a 48 inch wreath, which was centered on one of the gable ends. When completed, the gatehouse became a welcoming, pleasant entrance to this wonderful community.

Manor Works installs Christmas lights on businesses and private homes in northern Virginia. Our installations are low-impact, meaning that your home will not be damaged by our work. See our gallery for samples of our work in Sterling, Purcellville, Herndon, Ashburn, Leesburg and Reston.

Christmas Lights on a Townhome in Purcellville, VA

Our first Christmas light installation on a multi-unit townhome was for the Rossi household, in Purcellville, VA. Since there are not a lot of linear feet to work with, the whole setup was fairly simple and inexpensive.

We began with simple lines to highlight the architectural structure of the townhouse: the gable-end, the fascia (along the gutter) and the ridge. In order to provide more focus and a natural touch, we placed a lighted wreath on the eave of the unit.

A creative touch that provides more simple distinction to the home is a line of stake-lights proceeding from the driveway to the side entry. The garage door has a simple outline of LED Christmas lights, held in place with plastic clips.

The main focal point of the Rossi’s holiday display is the two-story bay window. Delicately outlined along its whole shape, this window clearly stands out as a classy, festive feature.
When we were finished with this Purcellville townhome, it was definitely the best-looking house on the block!

Manor Works would be happy to discuss your holiday decoration ideas and give you a free quote for professional light installation. We serve northern Virginia, including the communities surrounding Sterling, Leesburg, Ashburn and South Riding.

Professional Christmas Light Installation in Springfield, VA

One of the best parts of installing Christmas lights for our customers is the variety and creativity involved. Even in a neighborhood where the houses are all similar, the potential for variety in holiday lighting is endless! This home that we decorated in Springfield, VA is a great example.

While the most popular look these days is the classic warm-white outline, this family with young children wanted a more colorful display. We again used the C9 LED bulbs, arranged in an alternating pattern with red, green, amber, white and blue, creating a very “Christmassy” look.

We began with a basic outline, stringing a rope of lights along the front and sides of the roofline. In order to enhance the architectural features of the house, we used mini lights to outline all of the windows and the garage door frame. The boxwood shrubbery in front of the home was the perfect place for an additional 600 multi color mini lights.

Not every feature of the decorations needs to involve lights. This home features a lit wreath on the front eave of the house, and a non-lit wreath on the front door. This kind of interplay allows the holiday display to have good visuals during the day and at night.

The crowning feature of this Springfield family’s Christmas display is a 15-foot Santa sleigh, complete with a moving reindeer. This pre-made kit was a special-order item that is also lit up with multicolor LED bulbs.

As with all of our Christmas light installations, we set up this whole display on a digital timer. We set the frequency and dynamics of each string of lights, so that the family doesn’t need to worry about anything: simply sit back and enjoy!

Manor Works operates a local franchise of Christmas Décor, Inc. We provide professional Christmas light installation throughout Northern Virginia. Call us to discuss your decoration needs in Leesburg, Reston, Sterling, Ashburn and the surrounding areas.

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